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I. On Institutional Matters
  1. MCIAA Charter
  2. List of subsidiaries and affiliates (See Certifications of No Subsidiaries)
  3. Government Corporate Information Sheet
II. On the Board and Officers
  1. List of Board of Directors and Officers
  2. CVs of Board of Directors and Officers
  3. Date of first appointment, directorships on other companies of Board of Directors and Officers
  4. Board Committee Action
  5. Complete compensation package of all board members and officers, including travel, representation, transportation and any other forms of expenses or allowances
  6. Information on Board Committee and their activities
  7. Attendance Record of Directors in Board & Committee Meetings
  8. Training and/or Continuing Education Programme
  9. Board Accomplishments
III. On Financial and Operational Matters
  1. Latest Annual Audited Financial and Performance Report
  2. Audited Financial Statements in the immediate past five (5) years
    • 2023 (received from COA 28 June 2024, posted in website 03 July 2024)
    • 2022 (received from COA 27 June 2023, posted in website 30 June 2023)
    • 2021 (received from COA 27 June 2022, posted in website 12 July 2022)
    • 2020 (received from COA 30 June 2021, posted in website 29 September 2021)
    • 2019
    • 2018
    • 2017
    • 2016
    • 2015
    • 2014
  3. Quarterly and Annual Reports

Current Corporate Operating Budget (COB)

-Local and foreign borrowings (See Certification of Non-applicability on Local and Foreign Borrowings)
-Government subsidies and net lending (See Certification of Non-applicability)
-Any material risk factors and measures taken to manage such risks (See Certification of Non-   applicability)

Performance Evaluation System

C. Good Governance Conditions

V. No Gift Policy
VI. Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards
VII. Corporate Social Responsibility